Professional Grade Industrial Strength Bungee Cords from SuperBungee

With a breaking strength of 500 LBS, Professional-Grade SuperBungees can easily handle & simplify jobs that you wouldn't dream of trying with ordinary bungee cords. This is the heavy duty bungee cord for outdoor adventurers like kayakers and campers, for contractors in all the trades who need 9mm Thick Steel Hook Strength with Clips instead of the 180 LB Break Strength Standard SuperBungees seen in our Trade Professionals bungee cords, and for individuals who need or want the best heavy duty bungees for safe and secure operations in all sorts of applications.

Ordinary Bungee Cords Advertised as "Heavy Duty" are Simply a Joke.

SuperBungee Professional-Grade Heavy Duty Bungee Cords are ULTIMATE-DUTY with features like:

  • A Braid Body that Stretches an Amazing 550%!
  • 9mm-Thick Rubber-Coated Steel S-Hooks with Spring-Clips that are Incredibly Strong
  • Durability-Tested to Over 10,000 Full Stretches - and They're Just Getting Started!
  • Reinforced Connection Points for a Super-Strong 500 LB Breaking Strength
  • UV & Moisture-Resistant - Patented - Built in the USA - 6-Month Warranty

Questions before ordering? Please contact us from the footer at the page-bottom and we will respond quickly. Thanks for your interest in professional-grade heavy duty bungee cords from SuperBungee!



4 products

4 products