Retailers & Vendors: Put Your Shelf Space to Better Use!

Retailers Across the U.S. are Seeing Great Results from adding SuperBungees to their Inventory! Don't Miss Out on Igniting a Stagnant Category: 

  • Keystone Margins and Higher Priced Products = a Big Jump in Bungee Cord Shelf Productivity!
  • Selling well at: Orgill Dealers, Big R Stores, L & M Fleet Supply, select Ace Hardware, Do It Best, NAPA, and many independent stores.
  • 157% Bungee Cord Subcategory Overall Sales Growth!  This is the result over 3 years for one Midwest Hardware & General Store after adding SuperBungees, see in-store sales data provided below.
  • Soon-to-Air TV Promotion of SuperBungee Will Further Increase Awareness & Demand for SuperBungees.
  • A West Coast Builder Supply Store was recently blown away by the Immediate Strong Demand upon adding SuperBungees, placing 3 orders for $8,000 in product for a single store during the first 90 days in stock.
  • Eco-Friendly: Consumers are quickly learning that ordinary bungee cords don't hold up to the elements, or stretch very far, or work for very long - they quickly become landfill or roadkill - just what our environment doesn't need!!!  Your Customers are Already Discovering that with SuperBungees they Don't Have to Settle for Cheap, Flimsy, Unreliable Bungees Anymore:
  • Stretch 500% their relaxed length – this is about 5 Times further than ordinary bungee cords for 5 times the usefulness
  • Durable -SuperBungee Cords have been tested to over 10,000 full extension cycles, and are just getting started!
  • Patented Annular-Pleated Circular Braid made of 48 yarns prevents inner elastic from being over-stressed
  • Pro-Grade & Marine - 500LB Break Strength Hand-Crafted in the USA
  • Standard Hooks: Steel-Core, Non-Scratch - 180LB Break Strength
  • US Patent RE 47927, worldwide international patents & patents-pending, Trademarked

Retailers: Contact us at, or call 1 (833) 987-8737, and we will provide you with wholesale pricing and order information on SuperBungees for retail sales - it's easy!

Following is actual SuperBungee sales data provided to us by a super helpful SuperBungee Retailer:

Actual SuperBungee Sales Data (2019-22)

These Amazing Results Show that adding SuperBungees Ignited their previously Stagnant bungee cord sales, the renewed customer interest in the category resulted in Sales Growth of existing bungees of 32% and Growth from SuperBungee sales of 125% for a total Growth of 157%!!