Retailers & Vendors: Exciting New Product with High Profit Margins

Retailers & Vendors: Introducing the Patented SuperBungee™ Cord by Ragner Technology Corp! Get in on this ground-floor opportunity with this ground-breaking product:

  • Stretches up to 6x its relaxed length – this is 5-10 Times further than ordinary bungee cords for 5-10 times the usefulness in regards to uses and the number of bungees required for tying-down and securing objects and projects
  • Durable - SuperBungee Cords have been tested to over 10,000 full extension cycles without breaking
  • Patented Annular-Pleated Circular Braid has a breaking strength of over 1,500 lbs and prevents inner elastic from being over-stressed
  • Hand-Crafted in the USA
  • Includes Steel-Core, Non-Scratch Titan Hooks on each end – simply cut off the flexible plastic tongue for J-Hook only
  • US Patent 9,844,921 + international patents & patents-pending

Contact us through the short form below and we will provide you with pricing and order information on our bungee cords for retail sales - it's easy! Consider the sales possibilities for this remarkable update on a trusted core product – learn WHY SuperBungee Cords are simply better!