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About SuperBungee Products

SuperBungee has turned the bungee cord industry upside down. The revolutionary SuperBungee's construction stretches further and provides more strength than the average bungee cord. In fact, one SuperBungee cord can replace many of your existing, typical tie-downs. The unmatched 5.5 X stretch, the unmatched strength, and the safety of SuperBungee cords make securing your belongings an easy, enjoyable, and safer task. After you use SuperBungee cords you will not want to use ordinary bungees ever again! Our 6-month warranty offers you the peace of mind that your money will be well spent on a quality product. Our Standard SuperBungee cords are imported, however, all other SuperBungee Products are built in Ohio, USA.

SuperBungee Products have been developed by Gary Ragner at Ragner Technology Corporation. Ragner Tech is a technology innovation and product development company with offices in Gainesville, Florida and Uniontown, Ohio.  Ragner Tech develops some of the hundreds of creations and co-creations of Gary Ragner, a physicist, multi-discipline engineer and a prolific inventor. 

SuperBungee products include Standard Grade Bungees, Professional Grade Bungees, Marine Grade Bungees, and SuperBungee Fitness Bands. We also build custom cords for all types of industries.

Be on the lookout for exciting new products from SuperBungee Products!