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About Ragner Technology Corporation

Ragner Technology Corporation is the creator and manufacturer of super-stretch, super-strong, heavy duty SuperBungee Cords


Ragner Technology Corporation is a technology innovation and product development company with offices in Gainesville, Florida and Uniontown, Ohio.  Ragner Tech develops some of the hundreds of creations and co-creations of Gary Ragner, a physicist, multi-discipline engineer and prolific inventor.

Gary Ragner

Gary's technological advances have enhanced numerous fields, including: medical care, law enforcement, robotics, wind energy, telecommunications, adventure sports, recreation, home & garden, and others.  Despite his significant contributions to science in these areas, he has largely missed out on enjoying the benefits of his creations.  Instead, he has unfortunately been forced to pursue infringers of his patents for many years in litigation.

One of his latest innovations is the heavy duty breakthrough bungee cord called SuperBungee Cord which stretches 6 Times its relaxed length and is incredibly strong - making ordinary bungees obsolete.  SuperBungee in its various forms also makes for a fantastic pet leash and spring boat dock line.

Gary and his teams develop their innovations into useful products and partner with others to make them available in the marketplace.  Our goal is to provide solid quality products that surpass the expectations of our customers, while ensuring that all our partners are treated with the utmost respect and fairness.

With the SuperBungee Cord, Ragner Tech has once again turned an industry upside down. The revolutionary SuperBungee's construction stretches further and provides more strength than the average bungee cord. In fact, one SuperBungee cord can replace many of your existing, typical tie-downs.

The age of the 70 year-old bungee cord is about to take a dramatic turn thanks to the heavy duty bungee cord of Tomorrow – SuperBungee Cord. Feel the Stretch!