SuperBungee Stretches Further! Superbungee Is Stronger! Superbungee Is More Versatile!

Here’s WHY SuperBungee Bungee Cords Are The Best Bungee Cord for a vast array of Needs - SHOP NOW!

Our patented, pleated braid design enables SuperBungees to stretch to 5x their relaxed length. A 12-inch SuperBungee Cord stretches to 6 feet in length! (most ordinary 12-inch bungees only stretch about 12 inches). If you can imagine the tie-down possibilities, SuperBungee will deliver! Despite its phenomenal elasticity, its relaxed length is shorter than an ordinary bungee cord so SuperBungees are far more compact and convenient to store.
With increased elasticity for greater stretch capacity, as well as high tensile strength, one SuperBungee Cord can replace several lesser bungees for many times the usefulness of average bungee cords, one cord can do the job of many other cords with the ability to wrap around and through your valuable items in a way other bungee cords are not able to. 
The SuperBungee braid has been tested and features a breaking strength of over 1,000 lbs. for heavy-duty securing action. This pleated braid protects the elastic from being stretched to its fullest capacity adding a safety element unmatched by our competition.

SuperBungee Cords are UV-Resistant and tested to over 10,000 full extensions for a long life of service! The best heavy-duty bungee for durability and longevity! 

So, if you are looking for the strongest, most flexible, and safest bungee cord on the market, look no further than SuperBungee!


Which SuperBungee is best for you?

  • Standard Grade

    • If you are looking for the most economical SuperBungee with the most optional lengths available, then our Standard Grade is the way to go.
    • Standard Grade hooks have a steel core with nylon molding so they're strong but won't scratch surfaces. These hooks have a breaking strength of 180 lbs. SuperBungee Standard Grade cords come in 7 lengths ranging from 4" to 32".
  • Professional Grade

    • If you are a homeowner, outdoor enthusiast, or a contractor, such as a carpenter, electrician, roofer, plumber, painter, carpet & tile layer, masonry pro, landscaper, or home-remodeling specialist, you’ll find that your work and your play go easier, and more is more enjoyable with the help of SuperBungee Pro-Grade. 
    • Pro-Grades have 9mm, rubber coated steel hooks with a safety spring latch. These cords have a breaking strength of 500 lbs. They are offered in three lengths: 1 FT, 2 FT, & 3 FT. 

  • Marine Grade
    • Our Marine Grade cords offer combinations of cleat loop and stainless-steel carabiner ends. These cords work well with dock and boat cleats and are great Temporary and Supplemental dock lines. They are Compact & Convenient, and they prevent excess shock/collisions to your watercraft and anchor points. They also work great for securing your tubes or similar accessories to your watercraft. So, if you love water sports or if you are a fisherman, or an outdoor enthusiast you will love how SuperBungee Marine will enhance your activities!
    • Marine cords have a load limit of 400 lbs. They are offered in 5 lengths; 8", 12", 24", 36", & 48".



Raccoons be gone, bears be gone too! Heavy duty SuperBungee cords keep the wildlife wild and your trash safe from intruders.