SuperBungee Heavy Duty Bungee Cords Stretch About 6 Times Further Than Ordinary Bungee Cords for More Uses & Fewer Bungees Needed

Here’s WHY Our Heavy Duty Bungee Cords Are The Best Bungee Cord for Multiple Needs - SHOP TODAY!

Ordinary bungee vs Standard SuperBungee

1) Our patented, pleated braid design enables SuperBungees to stretch to 5.5x (550%) their relaxed length. A 12-inch SuperBungee Cord stretches to six feet in length! (most ordinary 12-inch bungees only stretch about 12 inches). One 32-inch SuperBungee Cord stretches to 15 feet in length – imagine the tie-down possibilities! Despite its phenomenal elasticity, its relaxed length is shorter than an ordinary bungee cord so SuperBungees are far more compact and convenient to store. It’s truly the best bungee cord for compact storage!

2) The SuperBungee braid has been tested and features a breaking strength of over 1,500 lbs. for heavy-duty securing action. The best bungee cord for useable strength!

3) The SuperBungee hooks have a steel core with nylon molding so they're strong but won't scratch surfaces. This makes SuperBungee useful in more scenarios and the best heavy duty bungee cord for handling valuable property such as antiques and furniture. The best bungee cord for valuable property!

4) SuperBungee Cords are UV-Resistant and tested to over 10,000 full extensions for a long life of service! The best heavy duty bungee for durability and longevity!

5) With increased elasticity for greater stretch capacity, as well as high tensile strength, one SuperBungee Cord can replace several lesser bungees for many times the usefulness of average bungee cords. The best bungee cord for affordability and utility!

Replace many regular bungee cords with a single heavy-duty bungee cord by SuperBungee for less tangles, less expense, and fewer lost and broken bungee cords over time. Isn’t the best heavy-duty bungee cord the one that last longest and is the strongest for whatever application comes its way?

Purchase the best bungee cord for your needs today – we have collections available and single cords in 7 different lengths. And yes, each SuperBungee heavy duty bungee cord comes with a 6-Month Warranty!

"It took 3 of the old bungee cords to secure gas cans in the back of my truck, but it only takes one SuperBungee Cord! SuperBungee is so much easier and more convenient!" (D. Rector)

"We use SuperBungees for all sorts of jobs at the Goodyear Blimp Hangar and they work great!  So much better than ordinary bungees." (Akron Maintenance & Service, Inc)

Raccoons be gone, bears be gone too! Heavy duty SuperBungee cords keep the wildlife wild and your trash safe from intruders.