SuperBungee Cords Are Proudly Built in the USA

We build the Marine, Pro-Grade & Fitness SuperBungee Cords in the USA, in our Ohio factories. These photos show a little bit of the manufacturing process of our “shock cords” – another name for bungee cords. Ragner Technology Corporation has contributed inventions and innovations in medical care, law enforcement, telecommunications, adventure sports and several other consumer areas also.

SuperBungee shock cords are proudly made in the USA by Ragner Technology Corporation
SuperBungees are made in the USA for superior stretch and strength for more tie-down and securing options
SuperBungee Cord are shock cords fabricated right here in the USA for amazing applications and uses
Our bungee cords for sale are proudly made and sold in the USA
The patented braid in our SuperBungee Cords enables them to stretch to 6x their relaxed length for more uses and less cords needed!