Marine Bungee Cords from SuperBungee

Marine grade bungee cords from SuperBungee cords stretch a whopping 550%!

Choose marine bungee cords with stainless steel carabiners or cleat-loops.

Marine SuperBungees are the best bungee cords to secure your water gear and the most UV-resistant temporary or supplemental boat spring line to keep your watercraft right where you want it. Our UV-resistant bungee cords are super strong because they are manufactured using our patented annular pleated circular braid consisting of 48 separate yarns of 3,750 denier each! When used as a dock line, these compact & convenient boat bungee cords prevent excess shock/collisions to your boat and anchor points.

Your Choice of Marine Bungee Cord Color & Ends

Our marine-grade bungee cords have convenient loops for attaching to cleats or stainless steel carabiners for attaching to other anchoring points like eye bolts.

  • Quick & Easy with No Tying Knots
  • US-BUILT, Durable & Impact-Reducing
  • Anti-Oxidant UV & Moisture-Resistant Coating on External Braid & Internal Elastic
  • 6-Month Warranty
  • Patented in US, Canada, Mexico & other countries

Our boat bungee cords are intended for transient dock line use for Class 2 boats, smaller (under 40 ft) in protected waters and/or in conjunction with permanent dock lines. Always use a sufficient number and configuration of boat spring lines to maintain control over your watercraft. Use in accordance with any applicable laws / regulations.

Marine SuperBungees with one or more stainless steel carabiners DO NOT FLOAT.

Are you looking for bungee cords for industrial applications out of the water? Check out our professional-grade bungee cords today!

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5 products