SuperBungee Fitness Bungee Cords

Shop premium American-made fitness bungee cords for exercise and physical therapy by SuperBungee Fitness!! Our fitness bands utilize our patented annular-pleated circular braid, which absorbs the strain when stretched out and prevents the elastic inside from being overstressed.

SuperBungee bungee cord workout fitness bands provide up to 30 pounds of resistance as you approach the maximum stretch of each cord. In other words, if our 8" band is stretched to around 4 feet, it will resist about 30 pounds of retraction force. Our 12" band would occur around 6 feet of stretch. If you desire less resistance, choose a longer band or set up to perform the motion where there will be less stretch on the band.

The exercises and motions you can do with our bungee cord workout equipment are limitless! Convenient looped ends work as comfortable hand grip handles or loop them onto your feet or other securing spot. Zinc-plated steel carabiners can be attached to handles or other equipment you can access.

Testing shows that after 10,000 full stretches, SuperBungees are just getting started! We back our heavy-duty standard-grade, pro-grade, marine-grade bungee cords and fitness bungee cords with a 6-month full warranty! Good luck finding any other resistance band that will make a similar claim.

Ordinary resistance bands break too easily (snapping you in the process), degrade too quickly, and their strength ratings are often bogus. Our bungee cord fitness equipment is a better choice and is made right here in the USA! (Hartville, Ohio)

Studies show the benefits of working out with fitness bungee cords instead of free weights or awkward machines. Apart from the science, it's common sense that working out with a bungee allows your body to move according to YOUR natural range of motion, avoiding unnecessary wear and tear on your joints and ligaments.

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US Patent RE47927 & International Patents.  SuperBungee is a registered trademark, and all rights are reserved.

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2 products