How long have SuperBungees been on the market?

We began selling SuperBungees online and at trade shows in July, 2019. Retail stores started carrying SuperBungees in October, 2019 and have now been sold by retailers with thousands of locations.

What makes SuperBungees so Strong & Durable?

Their patented pleated circular braid made of 48 yarns prevents the internal elastic from being overstretched/overstressed and it is the braid that bears the force when a SuperBungee is completely stretched.

My SuperBungee braid started fraying, will it break?  What should I do?

Don't worry, SuperBungee braid can fray significantly before it loses any noticeable amount of strength.  If your cord does fray, simply hold the loose threads near a flame and then pull that section of the braid taut to remove the frayed area.

Our Pro-Grade & Marine SuperBungees include foam grips which can slide to be used as chafe guards to prevent the braid from becoming frayed.

Are SuperBungees Backed by a Warranty?

Absolutely, all SuperBungee Products are Backed by our 6-Month Warranty.