Instructions and Safety for SuperBungee Cord Uses

SuperBungee™ Cord: Instructions / Warnings / Patent Marking

The SuperBungee Cord (SBC) is assembled by hand, so the estimated length of each cord could vary slightly, and the actual stretch capability of an individual cord could be just under or just over 5X its relaxed length. Do not attempt to force SBC to stretch beyond its natural stopping point or you could damage it or hurt yourself. Our measurement of the length of the SBC, both relaxed and extended, is based upon only the bungee portion of the cord – our measurements are consistent. The 3 ¼” long Standard Grade steel-core hook ends add a total of 6 ½” in length to each cord.

Our SBC bungee cords for sale are intended for normal industrial, commercial, and household bungee cord use. Misuse or improper storage of SBC can result in severe injury to the user or a bystander. To avoid injury to yourself or others, please read and follow the following guidelines:

  • DO NOT pull a SBC toward your face or other parts of your body.
  • Wear protective eyewear when stretching, fastening or releasing hooks. A rebounding hook is dangerous.
  • Inspect SBC before any use to make sure that no alteration, cuts, or abrasions are present.
  • Do not use a SBC that appears significantly frayed or worn or if the hook has been bent, gouged, or otherwise modified.
  • Do not attempt to stretch a SBC Cord beyond 5X its unstretched length. Extending beyond 5X can cause failure of the cord or hook, damage to the internal elastic, slippage and dangerous rebound. Example, a 1’ foot SBC Cord should not be stretched beyond 6’.
  • Securely attach a SBC Cord by the center of its hook to a solid, inflexible mounting point.
  • Do not use a SBC Cord on a shifting, swaying, pendulous, top-heavy, or otherwise unstable load. Use rope instead or stabilize the load before using a SBC Cord.
  • Do not use or store a SBC Cord around sharp or abrasive edges or corners that could wear or eventually cut, break, or damage the cord.
  • Do not use for bungee jumping, for any type of towing, or as a slingshot or any other type of weapon.

--Covered by U.S. Patent 9,844,921--

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