The Best Heavy Duty Bungee Cord for Trades Professionals

Wrap cargo, tools & materials tighter and hold everything more securely with the help of SuperBungees.

Whether you’re a carpenter, electrician, roofer, plumber, painter, carpet & tile layer, masonry pro, landscaper or home-remodeling specialist, you’ll find that your work goes easier with the help of SuperBungee heavy duty bungee cords. There’s really no job too large or too small for these remarkable bungees with a patented braid that allows them to stretch to six times their relaxed length with great strength and durability too! See for yourself in this video.

Thanks to SuperBungee bungee-cord innovations, a small tool becomes much larger as needed to serve as a fastener, securing agent, tie-down, extra set of hands, barrier, clamp, hanging hook system … you get the idea – the uses of these superior heavy-duty bungees are virtually limitless! And each heavy duty bungee cord is designed to take a beating and keep working for you.

 Check-out the possibilities with just a few of our SuperBungee bungee cord sizes below.

6-Inch SuperBungee (Various Colors) – Stretches to 3 Feet in Length


This compact bungee cord is our smallest model and fits in your glove compartment or vehicle’s cup holder – even in your pocket for instant use anytime! However, when stretched, the durable heavy duty bungee stretches to 3 feet in length for all sorts of handy uses:

  • Bundling PVC, conduit, copper and galvanized/black pipe tightly
  • Holding loose ladders in their closed position
  • Suspending lighting fixtures & fans from ceiling electrical boxes while wiring for use
  • Holding ductwork in-place horizontally on ceilings during connection for AC & Heating

16-Inch SuperBungee (Various Colors) – Stretches to over 7 Feet in Length


Our middle-range heavy duty bungee cord (8, 10, 12, 14-inch varieties also available) is a bit over a foot in length in its relaxed state but expands to 86 inches (7 feet, 2 inches) when stretched. Featuring carbon-steel, polypropylene-covered Titan hooks (included on ALL SuperBungee sizes) for many remarkable applications:

  • Securing truck tailgates closed & secured when latches are broken, for safe journeys
  • Bundling 2x4s and other lumber together for easier hauling and carrying
  • Holding items in the back of pickup truck beds to prevent fly-offs and damages
  • Bundling paint 1-gallons or 5-gallons together by colors or chemistry for easy organization at jobsites
  • Tying-down truck-bed tarps to prevent loss
32-Inch SuperBungee (Various Colors) – Stretches to 14 Feet in Length – Wow!


    Our longest SuperBungee model must be seen (and stretched) to be believed! Imagine a piece of rope that can go from less than 3 feet to 14 feet in length. Now imagine that rope has rugged hooks, is durable against UV rays and all-weather wear & tear, and can be any size between 3 feet and 14 feet – the uses are almost endless.

    • Securing woodpile stacks to prevent toppling
    • Block-off driveways and walkway areas that have been freshly paved
    • Block-off freshly planted grass zones to prevent trampling
    • Tying-down old furnaces and water heaters on truck beds to prevent movement when hauling these items to junk yards
    • Securing tarpaulins as protective cover over work areas, tools and materials

    Purchase your own SuperBungee heavy duty bungee cord today in singles or assortments!


    With 1500 pounds of tensile strength due to its patented braid technology, SuperBungee Cords hold down more weight with far fewer bungees needed!

    Our trade-professions customers have used SuperBungees in multiple handy ways, such as:

    • Tarp tie-downs over fresh-drying cement on new sidewalks
    • Landscaping barrier fences for just-planted grasses and shrubs
    • Bundling PVC for plumbing jobs and bundling aluminum conduit for electrical work
    • Securing loose cans of paint – single and 5-gallon varieties – in the back of trucks
    • Containing masses of debris from remodeling jobs in the back of open-bed trucks to prevent fly-outs
    From our smallest 6-inch SuperBungee that stretches to three feet in-length to our largest 32-inch SuperBungee that stretches to a whopping 16 feet in-length, we’ve got you covered when you’re looking for a heavy duty bungee cord that will go the distance (literally) for you time and again.
    With a tensile strength of 1500 pounds, our SBC shock cords are heavy duty bungee cords for demanding scenarios!