Woodworking Uses for SuperBungee Cords – Great Bungee Cord “Hacks!”

Woodworkers love tools and accessories that help them to make better woodworking products and projects, or help them to accomplish their work more easily or efficiently.

For this reason, the majority of woodworking craftsmen and craftswomen are always on the look-out for the Next Big Thing in the world of tools.

Sometimes, that new tool isn’t a reinvention of the miter gauge OR the latest electric drill press but something far more simple, practical, and useful in numerous ways. Sometimes, like Now, that Next Big Thing for woodworkers is an evolution of the lowly bungee cord into THE bungee cord for the 21st Century. Introducing SuperBungee Cords from Ragner Technology Corporation.

Featuring 6x stretch capacity, a tensile strength of 1500 pounds, non-scratch steel-core Titan Hooks, and 5 to 10 times the usefulness of regular, standard bungee cords, SuperBungee Cords are stretching themselves into all sorts of application arenas – including the world of woodworking.

Below, check-out these bungee cord “hacks” that help solve problems for woodworkers – from novices to master craftsmen! 

  • From the pages of Family Handyman comes this great idea – an elastic tool holder powered by SuperBungee Cords. Simply start with our shortest SuperBungee – 6 inches that stretches up to three feet in length – and anchor it at the stretched length suitable to accommodate all your hand tools. Anchor the stretched SuperBungee using electrical staples or cable anchors. SuperBungee is way-durable enough to handle this long-term stretch assignment, and all your hand tools will stay off the tool bench and out of your way until needed!
  • Another clever woodworking use for our SuperBungee Cords comes from Woodworker’s Journal – a SuperBungee-based electrical power cord holding system to keep electrical cords out of your way and out of harm’s way so that they’re never severed yet always available and mobile enough above your workbench. With our bungee looped and hooked through a ceiling eyelet hook and holding electrical cords above your work area, power is readily available yet annoying cords are never in your way!
  • Seeing is believing. How about a bench-top bungee lathe, using our SuperBungee Cords to create the resistance needed for the lathe to operate correctly? The Woodworking in a Tiny Shop blog offered this idea, and we love it!
  • And perhaps our favorite bungee hack for woodworking comes from lifehacker – a bungee cord system for holding large-diameter logs together as you split them Just imagine how easy it will be to chop and split apart a three-foot-diameter log when you have a SuperBungee Cord wrapped around its diameter. The pieces stay together instead of falling all over the place thanks to SuperBungee’s durable elasticity!

These are but a few of the woodworking uses for our USA-made SuperBungee Cords that come with an unlimited 60-day warranty. Buy yours today in collections or individual lengths and think about all the great projects you can work on in your woodworking shop with the assistance of SuperBungee Cords!


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