Why Buy SuperBungee Cords for Your Next Bungee Cords Purchase? Do The Math!


Bungee cords are nearly everywhere these days, with uses in industries and activities as varied as recreational RVs & Automobiles, Moving & Hauling, Construction, Plumbing, Bicycling, Shipping & Delivery, Hiking & Camping, Sailing, Storage, Motorcycling, Landscaping and even Fitness. Applications for using bungee cords usually concern their stretchability, durability, and usefulness on-the-job or around-the-house as needed in handy ways. Much in the same way that scotch tape, string, rubber bands and duct tape have proven to be indispensable for too many uses to mention here for modern civilization and serve as essential components of household tool kits, bungee cords are also quite handy and can be used for numerous tasks and jobs in and out of the household, the office, the workplace, and on the road.

With their popularity and effectiveness not in question, the arrival of the new SuperBungee cord by Ragner Technology Corporation (RTC) might prove to be a game changer in the ever-expanding (or stretching) world of bungee cords. That’s because Ragner Technology didn’t see fit to just invent a new hook system for the ends of bungee cords – although SuperBungee cords DO indeed have a marvelous innovation for bungee cords with hooks – a strong, plastic-coated Titan Hook system with a removable extra “tongue” that prevents lines and straps from slipping through the hooks under tension. This extra “tongue” in our bungee hook system can be cut and removed from the hook with a utility knife or even wire cutters so that the hook is open and very easy to attach to other media.

Helpful and adaptable as this bungee cord hook design may be, there are three further MAIN reasons why SuperBungee may cause all other bungee cords to slowly go the way of the dinosaur. 

FIRST, SuperBungee cords are remarkably elastic bungee cords thanks to the patented braid developed by RTC. This same braid design which has re-popularized the garden hose for a new generation has now been applied to bungee cords in order to make them extremely elastic and stretchable. Where most bungee cords can stretch to 1.5 or twice their original length, SuperBungee cords stretch to six times their original length. SIX TIMES! This allows these longer bungee cords to meet almost any task requiring the tie-down or securing of objects, with ease. You simply will not run out of “stretch” and be unable to secure an object with the vast elasticity inherent in every SuperBungee – although of course purchasing the proper length to begin with is a smart idea.

Do the math here – one of our 6” SuperBungees stretches to 3 feet in length; a 12” bungee cords stretches to six feet in length; a 32” SuperBungee stretches to an remarkable 16 feet in length. In other words, one SuperBungee that is a foot long becomes six feet-long for many uses without a lot of clutter or tangle in your vehicle, glove compartment or toolbox.

SECONDLY, SuperBungee cords are durable and very strong bungee cords. While it is never a good idea to use bungee cords to secure objects in a precarious manner or to trust bungees for life-and-death scenarios, our bungee cords have been tested for strength and durability and can handle high weight and stress. 1500 pounds tensile strength and 300 pounds of tension before the hook severs from the cord can be expected, as our Specs Page indicates. Our SuperBungees are also more durable in terms of simple repeated use. Check-out this blog post to see for yourself just what we mean.

THIRD, combining points ONE and TWO above, increased stretch and increased durability means fewer bungee cords are required and fewer repeat purchases are needs – this equals monetary savings over time with the use of SuperBungee Cords for all your applications. Who doesn’t want to save some money? Adding up all these factors, SuperBungee Cords provide 5-10x the usefulness of typical, ordinary bungee cords - each time, every time - all the time.

While new SuperBungee Cords are not a reinvention of the wheel in terms of product development and are not “rocket science” in terms of complexity or a top-secret design, the patented braid adds a worthwhile new chapter to the history of the Bungee and makes these handy fastening tools more convenient, easier to use, and more affordable in the long run. Use SuperBungee cords safely and wisely and enjoy them for years to come! Order yours today on our site, won’t you?


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