Eight Uses for SuperBungee Cords While Camping

Spring, summer or fall (and for die-hard campers, winter as well) – individuals and families who enjoy camping in the great outdoors are always looking for handy tools and tricks to make their camping adventure more enjoyable and easier to manage so that they have more time just enjoying each other and the beauty of Nature all around them. Durable, rugged, super-elastic SuperBungee cords with 6x stretch capacity definitely have the ability to be of able assistance while on your next camping adventure.

With the patented braid designed by Ragner Technology Corporation behind the elasticity of SuperBungee cords, these short, medium and long bungee cords will all stretch much further than traditional bungee cords – up to six times their length for many convenient applications and uses in the woods, at campgrounds and at your personal campsite. Below, check-out five uses for these heavy duty bungee cords with hooks that still are remarkably light and more attractive than typical, industrial-styled bungees – uses that will make your next camping experience more enjoyable and easier too for everyone on your woodlands expedition.

One. An extra “lean-to” or rain canopy shelter with SuperBungee cords.

Simply stretch one of our longer SuperBungee cords – we recommend the 16” or 18” SuperBungees that stretch to 8’ and 9’ respectively – between two trees, two posts, or a tree and a post, then hang a vinyl tarp over the SuperBungee to create an extra shelter besides your tent for use for entertaining or weather protection while you’re camping. Don’t worry – SuperBungees are strong bungee cords and they can handle the weight!

Two. A clothesline for airing and drying clothing, swimsuits, towels and dish rags with SuperBungee cords.

Follow the same directions as when creating a lean-to but hang clothing and other fabric items instead of a vinyl tarp on your extra-length SuperBungee cord. In this case, you’ll really appreciate the 1500 pounds of tensile strength and 300+ pounds of weight the SuperBungee hooks can take - because wet clothing, towels and more are really heavy! SuperBungee cords have been tested and meet the challenge of supporting heavy loads!

Three. SuperBungee cords as durable, high-stretch “security guards” for trash and refuse cans.

Just about everywhere in the United States and northern North America (hello Canada!), raccoons are very smart, tricky, clever and industrious “visitors” to campsites each year. These agile, silent and resilient creatures love to get into food supplies, boxes, and especially the very-inviting waste cans that are often provided for campers at campgrounds. Some campgrounds have adapted over the years and use specially designed trash cans that are raccoon-proof. Other campgrounds don’t.

And if you’re truly camping in the wilderness, chances are you haven’t packed a critter-proof trash receptacle with your other camping gear. SuperBungee cords saves the day, or at least your campsite, by becoming a very tight and taut fastening system that will firmly hold trash can lids in-place and keep prying raccoon hands and mouths out of your refuse – thus preventing other, larger animals from visiting your site as well. We recommend our SuperBungee 3-Pack with 6”, 8” and 12” cords for the perfect combination of lengths for any trash can scenario you may encounter while camping.

Four. SuperBungee cords as table-top fasteners so that your picnic table setting doesn’t go “Gone with the Wind.”

No matter where you’re camping and at what time of the year, unanticipated wind gusts should be expected! These delightful gusts can make your meal setting into a chaotic situation very quickly, as wind blasts blow your table cloth and everything on it into the grass or dirt. The 12’ SuperBungee cord is the perfect solution – simply stretch one lengthwise on both sides of your table to the other end of the table and you’ve created a secure system to hold down your table cloth regardless of the wind’s intensity. 

Five. SuperBungee cords for elastic tent and tarp tie-downs.

Setting up your tent is the most important activity you do when getting your campsite ready for an enjoyable vacation, weekend or week-long camping trip. Tie-downs used in conjunction with tent stakes often come up missing, and then what? Don’t leave one corner of your tent unsecured! SuperBungee cords work great in conjunction with tent stakes since their elasticity allows you to wrap the stretchable cord tightly around the stake so it’s impossible to come loose. Your tent is now secure at every corner – yes! We recommend keeping two 6” SuperBungee cords on-hand for this very purpose – very easy to use.

Six, SuperBungee cords make wood & kindling-gathering easier.

Hunting and gathering wood and kindling sticks & branches can be a fun activity with your kids and friends, or it can be laborious if you're in a hurry. Since you'll not likely be bringing a wheelbarrow with you when camping, take advantage of SuperBungee cords' stretch capacity and durability and use them to tie logs and branches together for the short or long walk back to camp. With the proper knot application (Boy Scout and Girl Scout training comes in handy!), you can carry your wood bundle over your back and use SuperBungee as the handle to hold on to your wood collection.

Seven. Hang your outdoors hammock securely.

A hammock set-up in the woods is one of the best delights that a planned nature retreat can offer, but getting your hammock hung correctly can be tricky. Regular rope has no "give" to it and may even break - depending on the amount of weight it is supporting in the hammock and the age and condition of the rope itself. Ordinary bungees simply don't stretch far enough to wrap around a tree AND connect to your hammock while still leaving any kind of slack so that the hammock hangs low enough to  climb into with ease. Enter SuperBungee with its vast stretch factor! Using two of our 10" SuperBungee cords that stretch to 60" each (five feet each), you'll have more than enough stretch capacity to wrap around two trees and suspend your hammock at a nice height for easy climb-in and climb-out. Plus, with the strength of these high-tech bungee cords and our patented braid system, your hammock will support your weight comfortably with no surprise drops to the ground unexpectedly! 

Eight. Safe and secure lantern lighting.

Lanterns turn out to be one of those "must-haves" for camping trips due to their natural flame light and ease-of-use compared to flashlights, which have a more focused and less distributed light pattern. Lanterns can also get knocked over by children, pets or strong wind gusts and there's always that slight chance of igniting a fire via a toppled lantern. Solve that problem once and for all with a SuperBungee cord dangled from a strong tree branch, 90-degree pole or RV camper awning - complete with your camper lantern hanging from SuperBungee's steel-core Titan hook for safe illumination all night long. Prevent fires and let your light shine with an 8" SuperBungee cord for just such an occasion.

While everyone has their own “systems” they employ for their camping excursions, there are certain tools and equipment that most folks will admit are essential – coolers, flashlights, lanterns, tents, sleeping bags, etc. Make SuperBungee cords one of your must-haves for camping trips and we guarantee you’ll find more handy uses for these fantastic stretchables than what we have presented here. Order yours online today!

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