Super-Stretch SuperBungee Cords – 12-Inch and 20-Inch Bungee Cords Stretch to SIX Feet and TEN Feet as Needed without Taking Up Toolbox Space!

The old expression “Size Matters” certainly is relevant when it comes to a handyman or handywoman’s toolbox – their portable “office” that gets taken everywhere for repair jobs large and small. Everything that a repair pro needs for carpentry, plumbing and electrical work is kept in these take-alongs – with some repair pros even having separate tool kits for different types of jobs – wood finishing, plumbing, rough carpentry, rewiring, painting, etc. Suffice to say, keeping toolboxes efficient and orderly and stocked with the best tools needed for all sorts of potential scenarios is a major task that handymen & women struggle with on a daily basis.

A clogged toolbox that is filled with too many tools and supplies is a pain (literally) to haul to and from job destinations. Removing certain tools to make room for other equipment is always risky, as one never knows if that magnetic level left-behind for the day just might be totally necessary for hanging some new stove pipe in a crowded basement. Balancing the need for access to every type of helpful tool with the practical reality of keeping toolboxes as light as possible for easy transport is an art … an art made easier with the arrival of SuperBungee Cords.

Because SuperBungees stretch to 6x their relaxed length, it is possible to carry one short bungee that expands considerably for many securing, restraining, holding and tying-down jobs. For example, one of our single 12-inch bungee cords from SuperBungee stretches to over six feet in length. One of our 20-inch bungee cords stretches to a bit over ten feet in length – think about THAT length of elastic cording one has to work with when it comes to tying-down or holding up paneling, 2 x 4s, PVC piping bundles, step ladders – all sorts of repair job scenarios! More length, less space consumed in your toolbox, plus the added durability and strength that comes from our patented, pleated braid technology that gives our SuperBungees 1500 pounds of tensile strength.

So what are you waiting for? Order your own SuperBungee Cords today in collections or single lengths. Your toolbox and future customers will thank you.


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