People Who Need Bungees Everyday Love SuperBungee Cord Uses! - Featured Testimonial

Brian Keiser, Founder of Trash Daddy ( uses bungee cords everyday to tarp loads on the dumpsters he rents out to his customers.  As soon as Brian started using SuperBungee Cords, he knew they were way better than ordinary bungee cords, here's a picture of a SuperBungee in action on his truck:

"These things are slick! I'm using them everyday. SuperBungee Cords are working out awesome."

"These things are slick!  I'm using them everyday.  SuperBungee Cords are working out awesome."

Brian went on to say: "One of the things I noticed with SuperBungee is storage is gonna be a lot better because they're smaller when retracted.  This is an example of how many bungees I have at all times with me, I hate what a mess they are:"

Mess of bungee cords

Thanks Brian, we're so glad SuperBungee Cords are making your work better – just one of the many bungee cord uses you can expect when utilizing SuperBungee Cords! See all our incredibly handy bungee cords you can purchase today.

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