SuperBungee Heavy Duty Bungee Cord Testing

(Factory Version 2 - DANVILLE, OH)

SETUP: To test our heavy duty bungee cords, a hardwood bench was used as a support for the test. A 1000 lbs. ratchet strapdown unit was tightened until the SuperBungee failed. The SuperBungee was connected at one end to a 9mm diameter steel hook that was secured to the hardwood bench. The other end of the SuperBungee was connected to a 9.75mm diameter connector on the Crane Scale.

Our heavy duty bungee cords have been tested for strength and durability


  • The orange SuperBungee Failed at 136 to 140lbs tension.
  • Failure was at the connection between the bungee cord and the connector end.
  • Failure was due to the “hog tie” having a round crimp configuration with an outside diameter just slightly larger than the entry hole in the connector ends.
  • The hog tie pulled through the entry hole without apparent damage to the hole.
  • Both hooks the orange SuperBungee were deformed slightly by the 136 lbs load.
Titan hooks are attached at the end of our super-elastic SuperBungee Cords
Hooks on our heavy duty bungee cords will fail before our cords will tear


  • The black SuperBungee Failed at about 148lbs tension.
  • Failure was at the hook itself and connected to the 9mm diameter steel support.
  • The other hook, at the 9.75mm dia. steel support, was also getting ready to fail.
  • Failure was due to bending of the hook under load.
  • A flat crimp on the end of the black bungee cord showed no signs of coming loose from the bungee connector due to its size.
  • Braid strength is known to be >1,500 lbs, and therefore not a factor in failure.
Heavy duty bungee cords have their limits - don't exceed weight-restraining limits
Titan Hooks included with our heavy duty bungee cords can tear or break at about 140 pounds of pressure


The Green SuperBungee Braid survived 1,500 lbs tension without failing. Braid was threaded inside itself for about 3 feet on each end to create end loops.

Our heavy duty bungee cord cable tolerates 1500 pounds of tensile force!


  • The Green SuperBungee End Connector broke at 326 lbs.
  • The Crimped end in the photo below was tested.
  • Pulling force was directed to the hook and pulled on until the steel hook wire broke at the base of the connector.
  • Note the pulling forces were outward and slightly away from the side of the connector during testing, such that the wire hook was being pulled away from the connector body during the pull test.
SBC Titan Hooks being tested for durability
Titan hooks being tested for strength - 2
Titan Hooks will fail long before our heavy duty bungee cords themselves fail!


BRAID STRENGTH known to be >1,500 lbs for 48 carrier – 3300 denier polyester yarn.
HOG RING CRIMP did not fail during test up to 326 lbs tension.
CONNECTOR PULLOUT STRENGTH >326 lbs. (connector fractured before pull-out occurred)
HOOK STRENGTH – 120 lbs. (hook bent and failed at between 140 and 150 lbs during tests).
DURABILITY – 10,000+ cycle pull test (i.e., full extension of SuperBungee with hard stop at limit).

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