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The Best Dog Leash: Easier on Your Dog - Easier on You

SuperBungee Dog Leashes apply increasing retraction force to draw your dog back without yanking, while protecting your pet's spine and your arm/shoulder from shock.

The harder your pet pulls, the more forcefully your SuperBungee leash retracts to draw them back to you.  Dog trainer "highly recommends!"

SuperBungee Dog Leashes are Fabulous! But don't take our word for it, here's a testimonial from veteran dog trainer Michael Paquette: 

Veteran dog trainer highly recommends SuperBungee Leashes

What Size SuperBungee Leash Should I Buy?  It Depends on Your Dog & How Much Freedom You Want Them to Have:

8" SuperBungee Dog Leash: Perfect for people who want to control a large dog to stay by their side at all times.  Intended for Large (59-99 lbs) and Giant (100+ lbs) active dogs who can handle that pressure and that you need to keep very close.  It will stretch up to 4 ft if the dog is big and strong enough to handle 30 lbs of force. If you have a particularly rambunctious pooch on the upper end of the Medium size range (24-58 lbs), this may be a good choice to keep them in line as well. Most owners will find that this is the best leash for large dogs that pull – and it saves your arm, shoulder and back from sudden yanking movements.

1 Foot (12") SuperBungee Leash: Very similar to 8" above, but this one gives a little more leeway with a stretch of up to 6 feet.  This is also for when you want to keep Medium sized to Large dogs close to you while walking, like on a walk in the city.  Small dogs (22 lbs or under) would be extremely restricted by this and the 8" size leash.

2 Foot (24") SuperBungee Leash: Our most popular & versatile leash, it will stretch up to 12' for active Large & Giant dogs.  Active 25-40 lb dogs will stretch this leash about 7-10 feet.  If you have a 10-20 lb dog that you need to keep very close to you, this leash will do the job.

3 Foot (36") SuperBungee Leash: Perfect for Small and Medium dogs.  Active Large & Giant dogs can stretch it up to 18', some powerful Medium dogs will be able to as well so for those dogs this leash is good for walks at the park where there isn't traffic. Most medium dogs in the range of 25-40 lbs will stretch it up to 12' - 14' and Small dogs will only stretch it out to 5' - 7' which is a range many Small dog owners are comfortable with. 

If you have an old or inactive dog, the retraction force of a SuperBungee leash will stop them in their tracks, so the 3' leash is the best choice for them.  Feel free to contact us if you want a size not listed or a lightweight aluminum clasp:


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